10 colourful christmas decoration ideas

10 colourful christmas decoration ideas

Would you like a different look for Christmas this year and maybe you’re stuck for ideas? Why not use colour as a way of having a fresh fun look, here are mine top 10 Christmas decoration ideas.

1. Choose one colour
Single red coloured christmas decorations
Choose one colour, this could be your favourite colour. I love white and continue to buy new white baubles every year.

2. Go with a pretty pattern
Choose a pattern for your Christmas decorations
Let’s go with something different, why not a pattern? Keep it simple and choose one style of pattern and a colour that coordinates with the pattern if you want to break it up a bit.

3. Let’s wrap things up
Pretty little cushions all wrapped up.
I love this and it’s such a simple idea, get some fun colourful ribbons and wrap a simple bow around your cushions just like you would your presents. It will give your living room a fun twist this Christmas.

4. Add some colourful paper trees
Paper Christmas decorations
Add some colourful paper trees, take a circular coloured paper and cut out some simple patterns. Turn this in to a cone and stack on top of each other, use different colours to make this pop.

5. Pretty paper ornaments
Christmas paper ornaments
This is such a simple idea, take lots of different coloured papers, turn them in to snowflakes, diamonds and fun shapes. Hang them on some white thread and perhaps hang them on a wall to create a fun look.

6. Colourful rainbow Christmas tree
Rainbow Christmas tree
This is a great idea and to make this stand out in your living room, just go with creating the rainbow Christmas tree and keep other decorations very simple.

7. Bauble wall tree
Christmas wall bauble tree
Don’t have a lot of room? Create this Christmas bauble tree on one wall, you could go with one colour choice or mix it up with lots of colours.

8. Dipped pine cone garland
Coloured pine garland
I love this and such a fun thing to do with kids plus it’s really simple to do. Choose coloured paint and take each cone and dip the tip in the paint. Once dried, take some brown string and attach the cones to the string, attach a different coloured cone to vary it up.

9. Decorate with hoops
Christmas coloured hoops
Why not create these coloured hoops and hang them in your window, a fresh look instead of snow flakes this year.

10. Add a different garland to your door
Christmas front garland
This is fun and you could coordinate these bell garlands to the colour of your front door, a nice change from a traditional garland.

Let me know what you think of the Christmas decoration ideas and if you would like to share your colourful ideas, use #eatsleepcolour 

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