5 front door colours

5 great colours for your front door

With spring on the way, what better time to spruce up your front door – knock, knock! With a mixture of classic colours and bright to colours to make your day. I’m absolutely falling for the pillar box red and thinking I better get out my paint brush and spruce up my front door. Tip – like any paint, it’s good to do a test somewhere, even on a bit of card pinned to your door. That way you can live with it before painting the whole door, or choosing another colour.

5 colourful front doors to choose from

1. Pitch Black No 256 – from £22.00
A black shiny door, not only looks the business, it is the business. Add some simple topiary bushes at either side and you are good to go. Choose a gloss to get that lovely shine.

2. Sandtex Exterior Pillar Box Red – £17.64
Do you have an unusual front door and what to make it stand out? This lovely pillar box red paint will do just that and it’s washable. Great colour for creating that kerb appeal.

3. Celestial Blue – from £30.00
Just like the name, this is a chic colour and a lovely choice for a country front door or new townhouse at the edge of town. Choose the low sheen for an understated chic.
Little Greene

4. Pink Jasmine – from £3.95
2016 is the colour of pink and there are so many shades to choose from, so great to see other colours out there for your front door. This will make the boys wink.

5. Dulux Electric Green – £6.00
You have been away, in some far colourful place and feeling inspired to paint your front door that amazing green colour and now you can. Just add a interesting door knob for additional character.

More front door inspiration

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