Ships ahoy! 5 nautical plates to dine from

Ships ahoy! 5 nautical plates to dine from

Ah warmer nights, means only one thing – it’s al fresco time. Plus if you love the sea, like I do, perhaps you want to add a different look to your al fresco dining. For me this look isn’t about creating a theme but a way nodding towards a nautical look – adding some nautical plates is a great way to start even if it’s a side plate or a main dinner plate. You can then tie this with simple glassware, napkins and cutlery using just one to two colours.

Nautical plates

1. Maritime for a Picnic Plate Set – $27.99
I love the simpleness of this illustration, plus it shows you how a nautical look can be taken outside too – for an al fresco dinner or a simple picnic. They also offer international delivery.

2. Rose and White Horizontal Stripe Porcelain Plates – £29.40
Stripes are always in style and a perfect way to nod to the nautical look without it being too obvious. I love the colour of the stripes too – very vibrant.

3. Crab Woodblock Print Artisan Style Nautical Blue Dinner Plates – £19.55
The design of thees plates are made from a antique hand-carved woodblock, plus the blue is a perfect colour to highlight the print.

4. welovekaoru Nautical Side Plate – £15.00
A simple way to nod to the nautical look, you could pair this with white plates. You could imagine the Queen using this style on the The Royal Yacht Britannia.

5. Ceviche Canape Plate – £8.00
Swim for your tea, hey there little fishy. This is part of a colourful set which includes platters and napkins, if you would like to use the whole look.

Let me know what you think of the nautical plates and if you would like to share your colourful ideas with me, use #eatsleepcolour.

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