Moodboard: Black & gold

Moodboard: Black & gold

Black & gold

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to be the production designer for a short film called ‘Tomorrow‘. After many discussions and many moodboards, it was decided to go for a black and gold look for the living room and kitchen space. Budget was also very tight too, H&M and Ikea were like my good style friends. So here is how I pulled this black & gold look together.

We used a black corner sofa on set and this black velvet sofa will do the job. The big cushions will make you want to sink in to it right away.

Leopard Cushion
I loved this cushion and looks far more expensive than it is plus it added a talking point.

Glass Dome
The idea behind the look was to add a bit of luxury to the space. Gold is a perfect metallic as a contrast to black. The glass dome is great way to show something that you’ve collected too.

Horse Metal Vase
I was looking for a gold piece that had the wow factor, this vase was it. Though I think it’s strong enough to be a piece on its own without flowers.

Scatty Black Frame
To add a bit of drama, we went with a print of ‘Judith and the Head of Holofernes’ and this frame from Ikea framed it well. No joke, okay a little.

Large glass plant pot
I was looking for plant pot which would look striking with a white orchid. This plant pot had the right amount of black and gold.

Let me know what you think of the black & gold moodboard and if you would like to share your colourful ideas, use #eatsleepcolour

More black & gold inspiration

International Short Film Tomorrow

Directing the next scene. Leopard cushion in shot.Discussing lighting for the next scene.The next scene styled and finished. Discussing the next scene.Using simple white candles to add a pop of colour.

Images from the set. Photographer – Bill Kapnis.
black_gold_6 black_gold_5
black_gold_4 black_gold_3 black_gold_2



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