8 elegant led lights

8 elegant led lights

With so much choice out there, led lights are leading the way for energy efficiency, long life and did you know that they use 90% less power than normal light bulbs. If you are considering giving a room an elegant update. Then think about your lighting early on and make it part of your new look. There are some beautiful led lights out there and here are my top 8 elegant led lights to get you started. Is it time to give led lights a try?

8 elegant led lights

8 elegant led lights

1. Modern Simple Metal White Light LED Patch Ceiling Light – £132.59
Decorating your dining space and want to create an impact for when your family and friends are around. It’s the simplicity that makes it such an elegant look.

2. Copycat Table Lamp – £361.81
A table light which is elegant and playful, it also features a warm led light source which is softened by the opal blown-glass diffuser. Perfect for a bedroom or maybe that desk space.

3. Dobris Led Wall Spotlight – £34.04
I feel that this light looks like something out of a sci-fi film, one of those films where you love the futuristic look. Will look fantastic in a hallway.

4. Olympus Led Trimless Wall Light – £52.49
Looking for a more minimalist look? These wall lights will light up your stairs in an elegant way, keep other large ceiling lights to a minimal.
Ocean Lighting

5. Philips MyLiving Surrey Polished Copper Light – £53.33
The metallic look is here to stay and copper will add some warmth to a neutral space. Perfect if you are updating your kitchen or dining space.
Led Bulb Centre

6. Paul Neuhaus Light Steel Table Lamp – £54.90
Decorating with a nod to the art deco look, why not add this table lamp to your space. Will look glamorous in a spare room / desk space.
Spotlight Direct

7. Omega Illuminated Led Mirror – £89.99
Time to get rid of that old bathroom light socket and replace it with a mirror with built-in led lights. Beam me up.

8. Cloche Table Lamp Black – £185.00
Creating a dark relaxed bedroom, these lamps are elegant, the matt finish will help towards a cosy look and feel.
Amara Living

Let me know if you loved my 8 elegant led lights and if you would like to share your colourful ideas with me, use #eatsleepcolour

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