Moodboard: Rounded Elegance

Moodboard: Rounded Elegance

Had an amazing colourful opportunity to style another short film recently called ‘The Test’ and boy was it a colourful journey for me. The short film is a comedy, a style of contrasts, with two colour palettes the opposites of each other. For the living room scene, we talked a lot about contrasts, not just in colour and also the objects in the room. So for me, a sense of rounded items in an elegant setting with a muted colour palette would suit – rounded elegance.

With a limited budget, the high street was my friend, including Ikea and a beautiful local store called Homer. My little dog lamp also had a starring role, which I love because it reminds of one of my favourite artists Jeff Koons.

Rounded Elegance

Rounded Elegance moodboard

1. Dog Lamp
As soon as I had seen this lamp, I thought I have to it. At the time I got this from Heal’s website, I love it’s tail which also doubles up as the on/off switch. For the film we thought it had great comedy value.
Lighting Lighting

2. Abstract Red Cushion
This cushion for us met both colour contrasts and abstract contrasts, in person, the colours on this cushion are gorgeous.

3. Marilyn Monroe Print
Sometimes when you read a script it mentions an item in this case a Marilyn Monroe picture, I decided to go with a soft Marilyn Monroe print, something more sensual in black and white.

4. Formlig Vase
To add more rounded emphasis to the living room, I used lots of round vases in different shades. I loved this one from Ikea which really suited my colour palette.

5. Aloe Vera Plant
Plants are a great way to add colour to a look, I looked at aloe vera to complement the colour palette and give some contrast to the scene.

6. Tweedmill Red Recycled Blanket
I love throws and to balance the abstract contrasts in the living room, I added a throw to add more softness and red colour.

7. Pussy Willow Stems
Styling a scene is adding those finishing touches, I decided to add fake pussy willows and you can get some really beautiful fake flowers in the high street. Just steer a way from flowers which look took fake.
House of Fraser

8. Blue Nude IV Spring Print
20th century produced so many abstract artists, many talented artists. It’s always great to add to your favourite artist to your space. A interior designer can also help you with this too. I loved this blue print by Henri Matisse.

9. Broste Copenhagen Red Onion Candle
There was something so organic looking about this candle, I felt it had to be added to the living room scene. Such a lovely rich burgundy colour.

Let me know what you think of the rounded elegance moodboard and if you would like to share your colourful ideas, use #eatsleepcolour

The Test – Living Room Scene
Rounded Elegance - Living Room Scene

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