5 things from this year’s London Design Festival

5 things from this year’s London Design Festival

When you are at the London Design Festival, you can quickly start to get an idea of what you’re going to be met with. This year there were two strong looks coming through the first was colour, from pastel, to bold to brilliant colour combinations. And then nature, with an abundance. Every where I went colour followed me, including this amazing pop up square in Exchange Square, London by Camille Walala. Here are some ideas to take and make your home colourful.

1. Light Fantastic

And Light - Slab Series
LED lights continue to show how they can become a part of a space, in the most elegant ways. This LED light by And Light wowed me at the stand and come in a range of colours. The light it self is so thin but still creates a statement. I fell in love with the bright yellow colour option.

2. Natural Appeal
Tortie Hoare London Design Festival
After colour, came nature, everywhere, quite organic in style and made you smile to no end. This chair and footstool by Tortie Hoare would be a great centre piece to any room and was certainly nothing else like it at the London Design Fair.

3. Make Your MarkDeadwood London Design Festival
Deadgood have bounced on the scene with a colourful and modern range of furniture. Their range not only looks glamorous but are extremely comfortable. Their mission includes taking a chair and personalising it to your needs. I’m in.

4. Something Different
Swedish Ninja London Design Festival
Sometimes you see something and it captures your heart in an instant. These Diagonal Wall Basket by Swedish Ninja are colourful, graphical hit. They would suit so many spaces, from a funky hall, to a fab cafe space or a children’s bedroom. Take me, I’m yours.

5. Hand Finished
Louise Body London Design FestivalThis wallpaper felt like walking into a dream, speaking to Louise, Louise Body that this is bespoke wallpaper and she personally finishes each wall herself and will even change the background to suit the furniture. Perfect for creating that luxurious bedroom that you want to escape to.

Let me know if you loved this 5 things from this year’s London Design Festical and you would like to share your colourful ideas with me, use #eatsleepcolour

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