How to: do an easy personalised Autumn table

How to: do an easy personalised Autumn table

Love this time of year, colours are richer, pumpkins galore and time to grab a throw at night with a nice hot chocolate. If you’re organising a Autumnal dinner for friends and family, why not try this easy personalised Autumn table. A really nice way to personalise a table and will totally give a wow factor when you guests walk in to the room.

Find a good Florist for the white pumpkins, I went to this really friendly florist in Edinburgh, Lily West  and for the leaves I went to my local park, just choose nice red ones.

What you’ll need

  • White and navy table linen
  • White pumpkins
  • Red Autumn leaves
  • White and gold plates
  • Gold cutlery
  • Figs
  • Matt gold spray paint
  • Gold card
  • Photo memo holder
  • White pen

Easy Autumn table

Step 1
easy Autumn table - gold spray paint
Take some gold spray paint, my favourite is Montana Cans and I decided on a matt finish. Put lots of newspaper down and spray the top of the pumpkin in light circular motions. Leave to dry.

Step 2
easy Autumn table - personalise
To make this easy autumn table name, take the gold card and fold in half, then take the leaf and lightly draw around the leaf. Then write the person’s name, leave to the side to dry.

Step 3
easy Autumn table - dress
This is the fun part, place the plates on top of each other, then fold the napkin and place on top. Take the gold card and put a couple of double side inside and press gently. Place the photo memo inside and take the pin and lightly put it in the top of the pumpkin stalk.

Place the pumpkin on top of the napkin and a fig and leaf at either side. You could finish this with a fig and autumn floral centre piece if you have time.

easy personalised Autumn table

Tip – You could also easily turn this in to a dinner table for Halloween, perhaps use the outline of a bat on the gold card and scatter with bats on the table.

Let me know what you think of the easy personalised Autumn table and if you would like to share your colourful ideas, use #eatsleepcolour

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