Easy Table Decor

Beautiful Easter Table

How to: create a beautiful Easter table

So it’s been a bit busy in the last month, with new opportunities and styling another short film. I don’t know about you, there is so much Easter decoration ideas out there online and in high street stores. It’s a bit like Christmas; I think it’s getting as big as […]

three pocket fold napkin

How to: create a three pocket fold napkin

I always get excited about setting a really nice Christmas table, probably more than any one else in my family. And I’ve been thinking about this table setting idea for ages, it so lovely to see it come to life. For me this year, it’s about white, green and gold […]

Spring blossom table = done

How to: create a spring blossom table

My kitchen window looks on to this beautiful cherry blossom tree and every spring I look forward to it blossoming. So nice to see all the flowers opening – ahh spring! So feeling inspired, I thought it would be nice to bring this look to your home, so how about […]

Christmas tree napkin

How to: create a Christmas tree napkin

I love Christmas, it’s got to be one of my favourite seasons and decorating everything for me is a must including a festive table for Christmas dinner. I recently came across a Christmas tree napkin fold which I think looks very festive and instant way to make your table look […]