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Interior tips

Create a sustainable nursery for your baby

4 January 2023

It has never been simpler to create a sustainable nursery, with so many brands manufacturing environmentally-friendly items for use. When selecting items such as paint, furniture, and toys, consider following these handy tips.

Create a sustainable nursery

1. Paint

When selecting paint, make sure it is water-based and low in VOC. Look to inject colour while keeping the palette on the subdued side with tones such as natural, pastels and some bolder hues. Coat, Little Green, and Earth Born Paints offer great products for this purpose.


2. Furniture

When furnishing your baby’s room, focus on sustainable materials such as natural wood and cotton fabrics. Additionally, invest in pieces that will be usable for years to come – opt for classic designs that your child can utilise both as a toddler and an infant. For example, purchasing a timeless chest of drawers or wardrobes is always a great choice.


3. Flooring

In order to ensure your home is healthy and inviting, consider choosing low-VOC wood flooring or natural materials like wool for the floors. This way, you will create an atmosphere that feels just as comforting as a freshly painted room.


4. Toys

When choosing toys, think of recycled materials and sustainable wood varieties. Additionally, look into the origin of where it’s made; if you are interested in soft toys, make sure they are made from recycled plastic.

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