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Pick the perfect colours to work with

23 March 2023

Seeking greater productivity, we often find ourselves with plenty of distractions when working – either in an office or from home. Colour can prove a great source of aid in boosting focus and energy! No matter the setting, our colour guide can help anyone achieve optimal outcomes in their work.

Pick the perfect colours to work with at home or in the office.

1. Blue


When creating a space that emphasizes effectiveness and output, blue is the most suitable colour due to its calming and restorative qualities. Studies have shown that shades of blue can help to reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve focus and concentration. Take care to select a shade that is not overly icy and off-putting which can make the space less inviting and less productive.


2. Yellow


A creative business can benefit from the presence of yellow in its aesthetic, as the vibrant, joyful shade is seen as a symbol of optimism that can inspire greater creativity. However, take care not to overdo it, as an excessive amount of yellow can become overly stimulating, resulting in fatigue and sapping your energy.


3. Green


The colour green is strongly associated with nature and incorporating plants into your living space is a great way to introduce it. Not only that, plants help to improve air quality, create a calming atmosphere, and even combat fatigue, making them particularly useful for those who work long hours and need a little extra energy throughout the day.

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