How to: create a Christmas tree napkin

How to: create a Christmas tree napkin

I love Christmas, it’s got to be one of my favourite seasons and decorating everything for me is a must including a festive table for Christmas dinner. I recently came across a Christmas tree napkin fold which I think looks very festive and instant way to make your table look the business plus it’s really easy to do. Just follow the steps below.

What you’ll need

  • Green napkin – 48cm x 48cm
  • A pin
  • Some decorating elements

Christmas tree napkin - what you'll need

Step 1
Christmas tree napkin - first fold
Fold the napkin in half.

Step 2
Christmas tree napkin - second fold
Then fold the napkin again in half.

Step 3
Christmas tree napkin - next fold
Turn the napkin round, so you can take one corner and fold it upwards away from you.

Step 4
Christmas tree napkin - many folds
Keep folding each of the layers upwards away from you, make sure that you each layer which is folded has a gap between each fold. This will help the look of the tree.

Step 5
Christmas tree napkin - turn over
Turn the napkin around, do this carefully so that all your layers stay in place.

Step 6
Christmas tree napkin - next fold
Take a corner and fold this over, make sure that you don’t fold it over too much, so that it doesn’t show when you turn it around.

Step 7
Christmas tree napkin - last main fold
Fold the other side as above and then turn tree around, it should start to look like a tree.

Step 8
Christmas tree napkin - last folds
Take the first fold at the top and fold upwards, use your pin and pin this section. Next fold each layer and fold into the first, keep doing this until all folds have been folded into each other.

Step 9
Christmas tree napkin
Take your tree on to your plate and use the items to decorate the tree, I’ve used two elements here to keep it simple. Enjoy your dinner and wow your friends and family when they sit down.

Let me know what you think of the how to and if you would like to share your colourful ideas, use #eatsleepcolour 


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