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Are you ready for Japandi?

28 December 2022

Love the look and you’re not sure how to implement it. If you love the look of Japanese and Scandinavian, love the look of minimalism and hygge, then Japandi is a meeting of these worlds.

Are you ready for Japandi?

We all have the desire to create a comfortable sanctuary in our homes, away from daily stresses. Japandi successfully pairs soft Scandinavian hues with gentle touches of Japanese warmth, ideal for anyone hoping to add some cosy vibes to their space.

Focus on this look by looking for natural materials, natural paint colours, and unpolished woods, and add pieces that feel like nature and are simple in design. Add elements of softness with warm textures that you can cosy up to. This look is great for sustainability, as we would recommend purchasing pieces that will stand the test of time.

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Inky Prose Valspar - Japandi

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