Green serenity bedroom

Moodboard: Green Serenity

Green for a bedroom? Going for a dark shade is like being cocooned in a warm blanket and it’s true what they say green is a relaxing colour and great for a bedroom. For my new moodboard: green serenity, I’ve gone with a dark shade here with white and a soft grey to balance the room. Depending on the light in your bedroom, you could choose to go with one wall in green or all the walls.

Green serenity moodboard ideas

Your bedroom

Green Smoke Paint
I love this shade, there’s a bit of blue mixed in here too, so it makes you just want to jump on your bed and relax.

Gauze Paint
If you can’t paint the whole room in the green shade, why not paint the feature wall behind your bed and paint the other walls and the ceiling in this gorgeous soft grey shade.

Other items

To balance the look of the green smoke colour, a soft grey gives a lightness without using white. This headboard had a great height and coziness about it, just needs a good book.

Side Table
I fell in love with this side table as soon as I seen it, the cracked eggshell give this side table an interesting look.

Glass lamp
This lamp is quite large and as the base is glass, it won’t dominate the look of the room and lets the green smoke colour shine through.

To add some more green in the room and an air of sophistication, these green cushions will do just that.

The shape of this vase will make your flowers shine and the colour of this green vase melts my little heart. Who says you can’t have flowers in your bedroom, if not then it makes a great statement on its own.

Where to shop
You can find similar items to my moodboard in John Lewis, Royal Design and Etsy.

Let me know what you think of the green serenity moodboard and if you would like to share your colourful ideas, use #eatsleepcolour

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