Ghosty hot chocolate

Ghosty hot chocolate

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, I love dressing up and having decorations everywhere. I also love how in the states that Halloween décor seems to be follow so nicely from autumn, to thanksgiving and then Christmas. I’m also a bit partial to a pumpkin or two. This is such an easy drinks recipe and great for kids to get involved in too, let me know if you like my ghosty hot chocolate wooooooo.

Ghosty hot chocolate

  • 300ml double cream
  • 5ml black icing

Let’s freeze

  1. Take your double cream, a whisk and whisk until the cream is almost thick in texture.
  2. If you’ve have bought readymade icing then great, if not this would be a good time to make the black icing and place in a icing bag for later.
  3. Then take a tray and depending on how high you want your ghosts, will depend on how wide the tray is. I went for quite a short tray with a lid, which was easier to place in a freezer.
  4. Once the cream has frozen then let it thaw slightly, a couple of minutes or so.  While you’re waiting for it to thaw, make your hot chocolate.
  5. Take your ghost biscuit cutter and cut out a ghost, place this on top of your hot chocolate.
  6. Grab you black icing bag and do two little dots for eyes.


If you loved this ghosty hot chocolate and you would like to share your colourful ideas with me, use #eatsleepcolour

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