5 colourful places to visit

5 colourful places to visit

I love travelling and been really lucky to visit some beautiful colourful places. If you love colour and you are like me then places with lots of colour gets your heart booming with excitement plus my other half putting up with me whipping my phone out every two seconds. Taking pictures is a great way to bring colour back home with you and start a colour revolution. Here are my five favourite colourful places that everyone should visit.

A great tip is if you have a picture that you want to use as inspiration, then choose one or two colours to start a colour palette for the room that you are thinking of decorating. This could be in a small way with accessories or in a big way with a feature wall. Just have fun.

5 colourful places to visit

5 colourful places to visit

1. London
5 colourful places to visit - London's east end

I love London, especially the east end which is like a colourful chocolate box full of bold graffiti walls, lots of cafe places and then taking a stroll around Spitalfields Market. Plus design week which is usually in September is fab time to visit this part of London and get loads of inspiration for your home.

2. Los Angeles
5 colourful places to visit

It’s nearly ten years since I visited LA for the first time and instantly fell in love and recently with the release of La La Land, it’s made me fall in love all over again. I remember walking past Paul Smith’s store and thinking wow this is stunning. There’s colour everywhere in LA, the sunsets are like walking into a pastel heaven.

3. Bangalore
5 colourful places to visit - India

I went to Bangalore for work which seems like yesterday, Bangalore is known as the garden city which is so true as there’s explosion of colour around spring. For me yellow is one of the colours that I remember the most. I was lucky on my last day to explore the city and constantly thinking that I need to come back to India one day.

4. Marrakesh
5 colourful places to visit - Marrakesh

There’s something about going somewhere warm in winter, when I popped over to Marrakesh one cold January, I was to discover a city of hidden colour. It’s a very red place at first but once you step inside a riad, it’s like stepping into another colour world. The local market is another place to be see colour everywhere from the pottery, fabrics and spices. I also loved Yves Saint Lauren’s home which has been turned into a museum, a must for colour lovers.

5. Skopelos
5 colourful places to visit - Skopelos

My other half is Greek and we go to this beautiful green island called Skopelos and Greece for me is like being surrounded by whites, yellows and blues. Last year I realised that it’s has influenced my home decor including how to decorate a plate. Can’t wait to go back this summer.

Let me know if you loved the five colourful places to visit and you would like to share your colourful ideas with me, use #eatsleepcolour

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