Spring Top Picks for March

Spring Top Picks for March

Spring has sprung or just about to. I love this time of year, new buds, daffodils popping up and most of all warmer weather and lighter days. This is a great time of year to look at your home and maybe give it a slight refresh. It doesn’t need to be with a tin of paint either. Yellow is a great as an accent colour and will bring a pop of colour to any space. Here are some of my favourite yellow spring top picks.

Spring Top Picks

1. Yellow Metal Trunk – £50.00
Trunks are fun piece to add to your home, it could be a side table or perhaps adding it to your kids bedroom to store their toys.

2. Birds Gold – £750.00
Came across this recently and instantly fell in love with this rug. It’s hand woven and if you are decorating a room with a middle eastern or asian look, then this rug would be a perfect modern version.
Floor Story

3. Yellow Loop Ash Mirror – €399.00
I’m a bit obsessed with round mirrors just now and I love this yellow one, would look great in a hallway. Would certainly make me smile leaving the house.

4. Supersize Custard Cream Printed Cushion – £46.00
Since I first discovered Nikki McWillaims on Instagram, I love her humour taking classic british biscuits and turning them into fun pins and cushions.

5. Hello Coat Rack – £38.00
Wouldn’t you want this in your hallway, would seem a shame to place coats on it. You could always add wooden pegs underneath so it’s always visible.
Black by Design

Let me know if you loved the spring top picks and you would like to share your colourful ideas with me, use #eatsleepcolour

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